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Vision: Youth Tennis Advantage is one of the most recognized and highly respected youth development organizations in the country, consistently providing services that nurture hundreds of scholar athletes each year. This is evidenced by the high percentage of college graduates and collegiate tennis players that comprise the YTA alumni; by the long-term collaborations with community organizations, universities, businesses and individuals that support YTA; and, by the development of a premier YTA facility that serves as a scholar athlete training facility and core site for the YTA College Pathway Program.

Core Values: Integrity, Competency, Transparency, Accountability, Diversity, Community

Mission: Youth Tennis Advantage is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving youth in inner city communities through a comprehensive program of tennis and academic tutoring that promotes the physical, educational, and life skills necessary to prepare and empower them for leadership in their communities, and success in their personal lives.

Strategic Goals:

I. Develop and deliver innovative after school programs that inspire underserved youth to reach their full potential as scholar athletes as well as productive, healthy and caring adults.

II. Build and maintain an energetic board of passionate, generous, and resourceful directors and advisory board members fully committed to the mission and vision of YTA while leading the organization’s diverse fund development strategy.

III. Improve programming that is consistent, balanced (among the three core components of tennis, academic enrichment, and life skills), organized, and accountable while maintaining flexibility to address unique community logistics and the individual children YTA serves.

IV. Design and establish ideal site characteristics with strong preference for socioeconomically deprived locations that offer designated court and classroom space. This sets the stage for the future YTA owned and operated ‘scholar athlete training facilities’.

V. Expand staff positions and promote staff training and development to successfully execute YTA programs.

VI. Expand volunteer base of YTA by creating a comprehensive volunteer management system to facilitate YTA programs.

VII. Strengthen and expand collaborations with public and private organizations, especially schools, government agencies, and community based organizations, to expand the scope and impact of YTA programs.

Youth Tennis Advantage narrative: YTA is focused on enhancing the lives of children and teens age 18 and younger, whose families are living within some of the lowest socioeconomic conditions in the San Francisco-Bay Area, yet who have just as much tenacity for working hard and achieving great results as any of their affluent counterparts. In fact, the overwhelming majority of young people, who participate in YTA programs for a sustained period, proceed to college and achieve personal and professional success. Many YTA students continue their own passion for tennis by playing competitive collegiate tennis, or by simply becoming a regular, recreational athlete well into adulthood. Also, many of our YTA ‘graduates’ return to YTA providing administrative, academic and coaching assistance. Without YTAs critical resources, many of these youth would ostensibly experience fewer educational opportunities, poorer health, and poorer self esteem than children with substantial after school programs and opportunities available.

Inspiring children and teens to reach their highest potential academically and through the wonderful sport of tennis is the essence of Youth Tennis Advantage (YTA). Inspired by the beliefs of tennis great Arthur Ashe, YTA was formed to honor Ashe’s insistence that academic excellence coupled with tennis instruction could be the catalyst for improving the lives of children and teens who live in poverty. YTA lives up to Ashe’s vision through an innovative program steeped in tennis instruction, life skills training, academic enrichment, academic support, and a myriad of collaborations with private and public tennis facilities and organizations, and collegiate institutions that share YTA’s concern for under served youth.

For more than 25 years, YTA has provided innovative tennis and educational programs to bay area children through comprehensive programs and expert coaching, both of which have been lauded locally and nationally by the United States Tennis Association, the United States Professional Tennis Registry, and the United States Tennis Professional Tennis Association.